Heroin Overview

Trends in Heroin Use

Initiation of Use (Age 12 and Older) Use Among Those Ages 19 to 28 Use Among College Students
Use Among 12th Grade Students Use Among 10th Grade Students Use Among 8th Grade Students
Cross Demographic Comparison (8th, 10th and 12th) Cross Demographic Comparison (12th, College, Ages 19 to 28) Use Trends Ages 12 and Older

Sources: National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Monitoring the Future Study

Consumption, Seizure, Arrest, Purity, and Street Price Data:

Sources: Office of National Drug Control Policy
FBI Uniform Crime Reports

Mortality, Emergency Department, and Drug Rehab Data:

Mortality Data Emergency Room
Drug Rehab
Sources: Centers For Disease Control
Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN)
Treatment Episode Data Sets (TEDS)

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