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When I started building my site, I noticed that despite decades of back and forth argumentation, neither side of the debate had done the most fundamental piece of work: putting all the pertinent data in one place, and making it easy to find, understand, and use. So I did it, and apparently, a lot of people are glad I did. But that was only step one -- we have a monumental task before us. Utilize what you find here when you discuss the drug war with others -- pictures speak volumes quickly and easily, and everything is built from the government's very own data. I will continue doing analysis of the data, writing about what's going on, and creating other materials to make it clear that we need to end this nonsense immediately -- and not by trying to peck away at it one small bit at a time.

The task before us is to convince millions of people to pay attention and help stop the war -- and I'm working on making that as easy as possible. What I really want you to do is to make use of the materials on this site to educate yourself and every other person you can, that the drug war is an insane and un-American activity that must be completely dismantled in toto. Use what you find here in your forum posts, letters to the editor, term papers etc to prove to people what is really going on. Don't worry about the credibility of the site: it's passed academic muster enough to make it into four books, a handful of magazines and at least one peer reviewed journal to date. I was a career intelligence analyst -- so the accuracy and validity of the site is a matter of professional reputation. The more attention you can bring to the site, the more effective I can be.

We have no right to be punishing anyone over what they do to themselves, and the data clearly shows why we have no reason to do so either. If you want to support others who are doing this kind of work, I urge you to only support those who truly comprehend what is going on -- people who can plainly see that the whole mess is a cancer that cannot be "treated" but instead needs to be completely excised once and for all. So, if you have some money to spare, please send it to some of these folks. But the most important thing you can donate is your time and effort. Learn as much as you can -- and tell everybody: It's time to end the War on Drugs!

Thank You!