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"Brian Bennett's site was a shock. I stumbled on it and suddenly realized that it made more sense than almost anything I had read on the net. It is sensible, based upon coldly rational analysis, and created by someone who is statistically literate. How odd and refreshing at this stage in our history. This site is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the strange and irrational nature of our drug strategies."

-- Arnold S. Trebach, Professor Emeritus, American University, founder of the Drug Policy Foundation, and former president of the International Antiprohibitionist League

Author or co-author of numerous books including "The Great Drug War" and "Legalize It? Debating American Drug Policy". His latest work is "Fatal Distraction: The War on Drugs in the Age of Islamic Terror". Visit his website at

"Brian Bennett's 'truth: the Anti-drugwar' is the best resource I have found for quickly retrieving the well documented data I use around the world in my presentations on ending drug prohibition. Brian is not only a superb researcher, he also has the unique ability to communicate his findings so you can drill down many levels through charts and tables indicating exactly where his data came from and why it was chosen."

-- Jack A. Cole, former NJ State Police narcotics officer, founding member and former Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). Website

"Brian Bennett's 'truth: the Anti-drugwar' is the best anti-drug war site on the net. It was the most useful resource I used in writing my book, "Lies, Damn Lies, and Drug War Statistics". Bennett, unlike the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), is honest and transparent in his use of statistics -- ironically, the same statistics ONDCP manipulates and distorts to justify continuing the drug war. I recommend it to all people interested in the truth about America's drug war."

-- Matthew Robinson, PhD, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Appalachian State University, author "Justice Blind? Ideals and Realities of American Criminal Justice" Website

"Watch out for Brian Bennett's web site. First you'll find yourself answering all the questions about drugs you wondered about but could never find the information for on government sites. As you navigate through simply and easily, it suddenly becomes clearer and clearer: The Drug War is an indisputable waste of money."

-- Mitch Earleywine, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Albany (SUNY), author of "Understanding Marijuana -- A New Look At The Scientific Evidence"

"Government statistics can be like a big bramble thicket, and anyone who's ever done any reporting relying heavily on state or federal facts and figures knows that, when you've got a bureaucrat hiding inside his numbers, it's nearly impossible to pull them out. Nowhere is this more true than when dealing with marijuana, with the feds maintaining a death grip on their hysterical Drug War arguments in the face of ever-mounting evidence proving they are just plain wrong."

"Thank goodness for Brian Bennett, who has given us a toe-hold on sanity. There's more to be done, but here's one stat-man willing to attempt the not-so-impossible task of sorting out what the numbers on marijuana really say. Somebody give this guy a grant and a publicist."

-- Dean Kuipers, author of "Burning Rainbow Farm: How a Stoner Utopia Went Up in Smoke"

"Excellent web site. Had I known of its existence while researching The Naked Truth About Drugs, I would not have pulled out so many of my hairs trying to navigate the mess of (mis)information put out by our government. It is your dedication to exposing the truth about drugs that can help end our national nightmare. Kudos, Brian - and keep up the good work."

-- Daniel E. Williams, author of The Naked Truth About Drugs, host of The Opium Den

"You have been and continue to be a voice that needs greater exposure. This insane policy is at the core of our fiscal crisis and few will recognize it, but most in positions of perceived power know it. Keep up your great commentary and fact illumination of the most important issue of our time"

-- Cliff Thornton, co-founder of Efficacy, a Connecticut-based, non-profit organization advocating peaceful ways to respond to social problems.

"Your idea and website is VERY cool!
Keep up the great work!"

-- Jason King, Renowned marijuana connoisseur and photographer, author of "The Cannabible" and "The Cannabible 2". Website

"Bennett has taken the U.S. government's data and presented it in a far clearer, more straightforward form than the 'official' reports ever do. This is an extremely valuable resource."

-- Bruce Mirken, former Director of Communications, Marijuana Policy Project.

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