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Monitoring the Future
Trends in Drug Use Within HS Cohort Groups
Senior Classes of 1995 through 2008

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Alcohol Amphetamines Any Illicit Use
Any Illicit Other Than Marijuana Cigarettes Cocaine
Crack Ecstasy Hallucinogens
Heroin Inhalants LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)
Marijuana Methamphetamines Tranquilizers

Source: Monitoring the Future, 2009, Tables 5-5a, 5-5b and 5-5c, pp.202-13

Note: Data has been adjusted chronologically to reflect changes in drug use patterns within each senior class cohort. That is, the 10th grade and 8th grade data are taken from the corresponding 2 years and 4 years prior respectively to the year shown, for each cohort class.

truth: the Anti-drugwar
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