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Marijuana Mentions:
Seriously, Who Cares?

Now this is too damn funny: 911 call from a cop who stole some weed, made some brownies ... and then got really high.

Pay attention people: if you are new to weed or haven't done it for some time, then be cautious. Smoke a little (2 or 3 puffs -- not lung busters) and find out how it affects you (wait about fifteen minutes).

Also, when you eat it, you really need to know what you're doing. The problem is that it takes a lot longer to start affecting you (an hour or more), and you absorb more of the cannabinoids since none are wasted. So you end up "overdosing."

Most importantly: don't get all stupid playing "drinking games." There is no need in the world to use massive quantities of cannabis all at once -- especially if you don't know what you're doing.

If you Overdose: -- relax. It is impossible to kill yourself simply by eating marijuana products. Period. The best thing to do if you OD is to remember that the effects will wear off relatively quickly (couple of hours), and if you calm yourself down, you may actually get to enjoy yourself. The key is to not panic. You won't die. And the hoopla about "laced" marijuana is mostly folklore. It happens but it's very rare and usually done with the full knowledge of the participants. If it were legal, there would be quality controls in place, but in the current scenario, just sit down, have some water and eat something -- you do not need to go to the emergency room. If you do, you'll simply waste a lot of people's time, money and resources.

Ever get really drunk? -- you know, with the puking and the hangover? That will never happen with pot! If you can handle a hangover, you can easily ride out being too high.

marijuana mentions

Source: Drug Abuse Warning Network (2004 Update)

In 2004, 99 Percent of Marijuana Users
Didn't Mention it in a Hospital Emergency Department
ED Visits Past Year Users Marijuana Mentions Marijuana Mentions as % of Visits % of Past Year Users "Mentioning" Marijuana
105,978,433 25,451,000 215,665 0.2 0.85

Sources: Drug Abuse Warning Network
National Survey on Drug Use and Health

So What's the Problem?

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truth: the Anti-drugwar Anti-drugwar Arsenal Accept the $1 Challenge