Creating a Hostile Work Environment

There must be a national urine shortage. How else can we explain that people so willingly accept drug testing when supposedly only 6 percent or so of the population are actually past month drug users? By definition 94 percent of the people are not using drugs, so why are they all suspects? Also, if drug users can only be detected through urinalysis, what sort of "problems" can they actually be causing? The rates of workplace injuries and fatalities have been declining for decades while, drug use has remained steady and/or risen over most of the same time period.

You can't tell who they are -- so what's the problem?
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1970 Pot-smoking young executives Duns Review Feb
1970 Rising problem of drugs on the job Time Jun 29
1970 Drug culture Business Week Aug 15
1970 Drug threat in business Nation Nov 16
1971 Drugs and drinking in the business world US News Mar 22
1972 Drug sickness: no company immune Nations Business Nov
1973 Marijuana vs. the work ethic: the amotivational syndrome Science Digest Nov
1976 Employed addict does better job than you think Psychology Today Aug
1979 White collar pill-poppers Human Behavior Mar
1980 Drugs on the job: the quiet problem Newsweek Sep 15
1982 Joining the war on drug abuse Nations Business Jun
1983 Is show biz pushing drugs? The big debate US News May 16
1983 Taking drugs on the job Newsweek Aug 22
1983 Getting tough on worker abuse of drugs, alcohol US News Dec 5
1984 The hidden scourge of drugs in the workplace Reader's Digest Feb
1985 Companies are starting to sniff out cocaine users Business Week Feb 18
1985 Drug testing gaining widespread use in U.S. Jet Jun 10
1985 The executive addict Fortune Jun 24
1985 Worker drug tests spread despite deep controversy Money Oct
1985 Using drugs? You may not get hired US News Dec 23
1986 Battling drugs on the job Time Jan 27
1986 Why drug testing can be a very bad trip Discover Mar
1986 Corporate America's hidden cocaine crisis Working Woman Mar
1986 N.J. firemen and police suspended for drug use Jet Aug 11
1986 Business' war on drugs Nations Business Oct
1986 The drug wars will be won with treatment, not tests Business Week Oct 13
1986 This is what you thought: 56% say no to drug testing Glamour Nov
1987 High on the job: a growing problem? Psychology Today May
1988 NIH scientists balk at random drug tests Science Feb 12
1988 Your boss is not a cop New Republic Jun 6
1988 Congress to business: 'just say no' Business Week Jun 20
1988 Court bars pre-employment drug testing Publisher's Weekly Jun 24
1988 House fails to require drug testing of pilots Aviation Week Oct 31
1989 The most effective weapon in the war against drugs: the paycheck Nations Business Jul
1989 Business moves against drugs Nations Business Nov
1989 Drug testing here to stay USA Today (Periodical) Dec
1990 Body invaders [employee drug testing] Nation Jan 8-15
1990 Here come the specimen jars Time Jan 29
1990 Does he or doesn't he? New drug tests target hair US News May 28
1990 Can we stop drug abuse in the workplace? USA Today (Periodical) Jul
1991 Anti-drug programs in the workplace: are they here to stay? Monthly Labor Review Apr
1991 A video game that tells if employees are fit for work Business Week Jun 3
1991 Drug testing in the 90's common and controversial Glamour Jul
1991 Valley of the nerds [psychedelic use among computer visionaries] Gentleman's Quarterly Jul
1991 Reading the signs of employee drug use Working Woman Aug
1991 Airline unions want random tests cut after they reveal low level of drug abuse Aviation Week Aug 12
1991 FAA's first year of drug tests nabs few Flying Oct
1992 Why pilot drug tests don't improve safety record Flying Dec
1994 Airlines tout low drug use, seek random test relief Aviation Week Apr 25
1994 Why good cops go bad Newsweek Dec 19
1996 The war on drugs wants you Nations Business Feb
1997 Paralysis by urinalysis Sports Illustrated May 26
1997 Big Brother wants a close look at your hair Fortune Jun 23
1997 Corporate America's Colombian connection: how "peso brokers" use U.S. manufacturers to wash the narcotics cartels' cash Business Week Dec 1
2001 Young, successful and addicted to drugs: the new prescription-pill poppers Glamour Jun

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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