Drugs as Weapons

Many attempts have been made to turn intoxicants into weapons, or even to use them in the hope of turning ones enemies into addicts. Even the US got into the game in the 1950's and 60's when the US Army and CIA did their best to turn many of these drugs into weapons to use against people.

Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1919 Our share in drugging China New Republic Dec 24
1935 Is Japan drugging China? Christian Century Aug 14
1936 Japan's drug traffic in South China Christian Century Jan 8
1938 Opium as a weapon Newsweek Jun 27
1940 Dope, Japan's new weapon Reader's Digest Mar
1942 Japan's secret weapon: dope Reader's Digest Aug
1942 Hypnotically drugged troops may be next development Science Digest Sep
1943 Opium boat; Japan's silent weapon at work Collier's Jul 10
1951 Marines and marijuana Newsweek Dec 31
1955 Red China exports opium to make dope addicts of our boys in Asia! Reader's Digest Feb
1964 Dope invades the suburbs Sat Eve Post Apr 4
1967 Mary Jane in action; GI's arrested in Vietnam on charges of smoking pot Newsweek Nov 6
1969 Vietcong's secret weapon: marijuana Science Digest Apr
1970 Do drugs lead to violence? Look Apr 7
1975 More guinea pigs; army experiments Time Aug 4
1975 Secret drug tests -- dangers, safeguards US News Aug 4
1975 Another LSD victim? apparent victim of army drug experiments Newsweek Aug 25
1977 Mind-bending disclosures; CIA testing Time Aug 15
1977 Mind controllers: CIA testing Commonweal Sep 2
1977 CIA's electric kool-aid acid test Psychology Today Nov
1978 Are drugs crippling our armed forces? US News Aug 14
1979 Sex, drugs and the CIA: the shocking search for an ultimate weapon Saturday Review Feb 3
1979 Uncle Sam wants you -- stoned; Army's use of soldiers to test drug BZ in 1965 Maclean's Aug 13
1980 Heroin: preparing for a new invasion Newsweek Mar 10
1981 Ex-G.I. James Thornwell finally collects Uncle Sam's IOU for giving him LSD People Feb 2
1981 Liquor, drugs the GI's biggest foes US News Sep 28
1982 Cocaine spreads its deadly net US News Mar 22
1983 How drugs sap the nations strength US News May 16
1986 'Cocaine is a loaded gun' Newsweek Jul 7
1986 Threat to health from drugs termed 'narco-terrorism' World Health Aug/Sep
1987 Narcotics: terror's new ally US News May 4
1988 An explosion of drug labs Newsweek Apr 25
1988 Crack invades the hamptons Newsweek Jun 20
1989 Crack invades the countryside Reader's Digest Feb
1989 Crack's destructive sprint across America NY Times Magazine Oct 1
1996 Crack invades a small town US News Apr 22
2001 This is your country on drugs Nation Jan 1
2001 'The enemy is every one of us' Newsweek Feb 12

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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