Reefer Madness Indeed!

Nearly 100 million Americans have used marijuana at least once. Every one of them alive today likely did so after marijuana was declared the official menace to youth in 1936, and despite the dire warnings about it being repeated and expanded upon over the decades. If so many people are not being frightened by marijuana, then perhaps there is really not much to fear about it after all. As it turns out, being arrested is actually the most dangerous aspect of marijuana use.

They've been trying for decades to scare people about marijuana
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1936 Marihuana menaces youth Scientific American Mar
1936 Uncle Sam fights a new drug menace: marijuana Popular Science May
1936 Facts and fancies about marihuana Literary Digest Oct 24
1937 New federal tax hits dealings in potent weed Newsweek Aug 14
1938 Marijuana menace Literary Digest Jan 1
1938 Marijuana, assassin of youth Reader's Digest Feb
1938 Marijuana weed grows where rope factory failed Science News Letter Jan 15
1938 Marihuana; Mexican dope plant, source of a social problem Nature May
1938 Marihuana more dangerous than heroin or cocaine Scientific American May
1938 Youth gone loco; villain is Marijuana Christian Century Jun 29
1938 Marihuana smoking seen as epidemic among the idle Science News Letter Nov 26
1939 Marijuana gives some a jag Science News Letter Jan 14
1942 Marihuana found useful in certain mental ills Science News Letter May 30
1944 Tests show marihuana does not help musical ability Science Digest Jul
1945 What happens to marihuana smokers Science Digest May
1945 Marihuana problem Science May 25
1945 Menace of marijuana Science Digest Jul
1946 Hemp menace Business Week Jan 12
1946 Marijuana and mentality Newsweek Nov 18
1951 Marijuana may lurk in window boxes Science News Letter Jul 28
1951 Saw-toothed marijuana in back yards of the city New Yorker Aug 11
1951 Marines and marijuana Newsweek Dec 31
1952 Wicked weed Science Digest Apr
1965 Pot problem; college students use of Marijuana Time Mar 12
1965 Pot-picking time; boys arrested for growing marijuana in Carpinteria, California Newsweek May 17
1966 Pot penalties too severe Science News Oct 8
1967 Risk of marijuana New Republic Apr 22
1967 Fiedler affair; buffalo university group aims to legalize marijuana Newsweek Jun 12
1967 Going to pot in Washington; a hippy party US News May 8
1967 Potted ivy; alienated students smoking marihuana Time May 19
1967 Marijuana: millions of turned on users Life Jul 7
1967 Marijuana causes psychiatric dependence says physician Today's Health Sep
1967 Dream farm; field of marijuana destroyed by narcotic agents Time Sep 8
1967 Marijuana: dangerous as alcohol New Republic Oct 28
1967 How dangerous is marijuana? a top official sparks new debate US News Oct 30
1967 Mary Jane in action; GI's arrested in Vietnam on charges of smoking pot Newsweek Nov 6
1967 Getting tough with pot; marijuana smokers discovered at New Jersey's Hun preparatory school Time Dec 8
1967 Marijuana is still illegal Time Dec 29
1968 Marijuana or alcohol, which harms most? US News Feb 5
1968 Pot: safer than alcohol? Time Apr 19
1968 Marijuana: just how harmless is it? Seventeen May
1968 Pot and parents; high school kids smoking marijuana Time Aug 30
1968 If it's pot don't panic Science Digest Oct
1969 Crackdown; sentence of three and a half years in state prison for possession of marijuana Nation Mar 10
1969 Vietcong's secret weapon: marijuana Science Digest Apr
1969 Warning: steer clear of THC Look Apr 15
1969 Pot: year of the famine; Mexican border crackdown Newsweek Sep 22
1969 Nixon's new plan to deal with the marijuana problem US News Oct 27
1969 Marijuana: the law vs. 12 million people Life Oct 29
1969 Drug use and the law; a case for legalizing marijuana Current Dec
1970 Pot facing stringent scientific examination Science News Jan 24
1970 Pot-smoking young executives Duns Review Feb
1970 Pot samplers may be dabbling with psychosis Today's Health Aug
1970 Marijuana: is it time for a change in our laws? Newsweek Sep 7
1971 Are you growing marijuana without knowing it? Home & Garden Feb
1971 We know too little about marijuana; questions and answers Science Digest Feb
1971 Pot report: still inconclusive Time Feb 15
1971 Continuing battle over pot Science News Apr 24
1971 Marijuana harmful? the dispute goes on US News May 31
1971 Can we counteract the cult of marijuana? Parents Jul
1971 Pot: your kids will encounter it so be prepared Business Week Dec 4
1971 Cerebral atrophy in marijuana smokers Science News Dec 18
1972 Marijuana commission finds usage high Science News Jan 29
1972 Use of satellites in detecting marijuana is studied by US Aviation Week Jan 31
1972 Last week was a bad week for the narcs; eventual decriminalization of marijuana Science News Feb 19
1972 Marijuana and health, latest government findings US News Feb 21
1972 Pot smoking: less harm than feared? Science Digest Jun
1972 Grassing of America Saturday Review Jul 29
1972 Pot may become a wonder drug Science Digest Nov
1973 Grass grows more acceptable Time Sep 10
1973 Adolescent marijuana use: role of parents and peers Science Sep 14
1973 Marijuana vs. the work ethic: the amotivational syndrome Science Digest Nov
1974 Perils of pot start showing up US News Jun 10
1974 Marijuana, does it damage the brain? Science Aug 30
1974 Pot as medicine: possible THC-related drugs to prevent transplant rejection and to combat cancer Newsweek Sep 2
1974 Marijuana: more dangerous than you know Reader's Digest Dec
1974 Pot can harm, but does prison help? US News Dec 2
1975 Keep off the grass, HEW warns Senior Scholastic Jan 16
1975 Special: the alarming new evidence about marijuana's effects Good Housekeeping Feb
1975 Survey reports marijuana use has increased Psychology Today Apr
1975 Private use of pot -- a growing public issue US News Apr 28
1975 Marijuana: possible use as medicine Science News Oct 25
1975 Alcohol and marijuana: spreading menace among teen-agers US News Nov 24
1975 Marihuana: new support for immune and reproductive hazards Science Nov 28
1976 Aggressiveness and pot Science Digest Jan
1976 Joint effort; decriminalizing marijuana Seventeen Feb
1976 Marijuana for better breathing Science News Jul 24
1976 War over marijuana Psychology Today Dec
1977 All the evidence on pot isn't in! Seventeen Apr
1978 Marijuana as medicine Psychology Today Apr
1978 Marijuana: billion dollar dilemma Sat Eve Post May
1978 Panic over paraquat Time May 1
1978 Paraquat poisons pot Rolling Stone May 18
1978 Where the grass is greener; home-grown pot in Oregon and northern California Time Jun 12
1978 Columbian gold rush of 1978; marijuana smuggling Esquire Sep 12
1978 Paraquat threat overblown Rolling Stone Sep 21
1978 Reefer madness Progressive Oct
1978 New bootleggers; marijuana smuggling Newsweek Oct 30
1978 DEA head wants stricter pot penalties New Times Nov 27
1979 Spice valley, U.S.A: marijuana moonshiner Atlantic Monthly Jan
1979 Growing acceptance of marijuana USA Today (Periodical) Feb
1979 Marijuana: hints of medicinal value FDA Consumer Mar
1979 Paraquat: now a minor risk Newsweek Apr 30
1979 White House prepares war on marijuana US News May 21
1979 Marijuana can be advantageous in varied therapeutic roles Science Digest Jun
1979 Marijuana: the disturbing new facts McCall's Jun
1979 Drug pushers go for even younger prey: grade-school pupils US News Aug 13
1979 Reefer madness New Republic Oct 6
1979 World's best pot: California US News Dec 24
1980 American weed ... it satisfies; pot growing in California Esquire Jan
1980 New parental push against marijuana NY Times Magazine Feb 10
1980 A new study says that cannabis leads to dependence World Health Apr
1980 Marijuana: now the fears are facts Good Housekeeping May
1980 Kids are smoking pot more and enjoying it more, HEW reports Phi Delta Kappan Jun
1980 Marijuana: the myth of harmlessness goes up in smoke Sat Eve Post Jul/Aug
1980 Pot shots in California [sinsemilla] Time Oct 20
1980 Marijuana alert II: more of the grim story Reader's Digest Nov
1981 Marijuana as medicine McCall's Mar
1981 Help for marijuana addicts Newsweek May 11
1981 Marijuana: a U.S. farm crop that's booming US News Oct 12
1981 Marijuana-heroin link reappraised Science News Oct 31
1981 Marijuana is far from harmless Education Digest Nov
1981 Pot goes pharmaceutical Maclean's Nov 23
1981 Marijuana alert III: the devastation of personality Reader's Digest Dec
1982 Marijuana dangers: teen use down Science News Mar 6
1982 Marijuana "justifies serious concern" Science Mar 19
1982 While U.S. farms go bust, some growers are cashing in on the profits of pot People May 10
1982 Pot-spraying plan raises some smoke Science Jul 30
1982 Is it time to worry about marijuana? Mademoiselle Nov
1983 Pot-talk: is decriminalization advisable? National Review Apr 29
1983 Pot-smokers may be imperiled by paraquat-spraying program Science News Aug 27
1983 The marijuana wars Newsweek Aug 29
1984 Great-grandmother, 84, arrested in pot raid Jet Jul 30
1984 California's war against pot Newsweek Oct 8
1985 Marijuana report: the latest dope on its dangers Mademoiselle Jun
1985 Here comes prescription pot Business Week Jun 24
1985 The great pot raid -- how much good? US News Aug 19
1985 Killer weed [marijuana growing on public lands in the West] Omni Sep
1986 Reagan aide: pot can make you gay Newsweek Oct 27
1987 Marijuana update: new reasons to "keep off the grass" Current Health 2 Mar
1987 Marijuana use may cause mental problems: study Jet Sep 28
1987 Reefer madness Nation Nov 21
1988 The perils of pot Discover Jun
1988 Take two puffs and call me in the morning Science News Feb 20
1988 Lungs hit harder by pot than by cigarettes Science News Feb 20
1988 Marijuana: is there new reason to worry? American Health Mar
1988 'Marco polo' of Marijuana Newsweek Aug 8
1988 A bumper crop of hothouse marijuana Newsweek Aug 15
1989 Marijuana and learning: grass gets an F Current Health Jan
1989 Marijuana mangles memory Science News Nov 18
1990 Marijuana makes a comeback Madmoiselle Oct
1993 Turning over a new, old leaf Newsweek Feb 8
1993 Hello again, Mary Jane [pot in music] Time Apr 19
1993 Selling pot: the pitfalls of marijuana reform Reason Jun
1993 Reefer returns Seventeen Sep
1993 The professor smells smoke in Harlem The New Yorker Nov 22
1994 Reefer madness at Havatampa: pot smokers are stoking sales by turning Phillies Blunts into joints Business Week Jan 24
1994 Reefer Madness Atlantic Aug
1996 Reefer madness American Health Jan/Feb
1996 The return of reefer madness Progressive May
1996 No wonder you can't resist: chocolate and marijuana share some chemistry Time Sep 2
1996 Getting over getting stoned Time Sep 16
1996 Kids & pot Time Dec 9
1996 Give pot a chance: voters in California and Arizona strike a blow against the war on drugs Rolling Stone Dec 26
1996 They're toking up for algebra class US News Dec 30
1997 The war over weed Newsweek Feb 3
1997 The return of pot New Republic Feb 17
1997 Reefer madness: why the Clinton administartion is terrified by medical marijuana Reason Mar
1997 More reefer madness Atlantic Apr
1997 I was addicted to pot 'Teen May
1997 Marijuana: useful medicine or dangerous drug? Consumers' Research May
1997 Marijuana: harder than thought? Science Jun 27
1998 Marijuana -- a mind altering drug Current Health 2 Mar
1998 The war over weed Newsweek Mar 16
1998 The battle for medical marijuana in the war on drugs America Apr 11
1998 A flow of powerful pot Maclean's Aug 3
2000 The world's best pot now comes from Vancouver Time Mar 13
2001 'They become raving maniacs' [views of E. Murphy about marijuana use] Maclean's Aug 6
2001 Reefer madness: the sequel Maclean's Aug 6
2001 Europe goes to pot Time Aug 20
2001 Kentucky's homegrown rebellion Rolling Stone Oct 11
2001 Ashcroft's other war [med pot in California] Rolling Stone Dec 27

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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