So Many Questions

It's deja vu -- over and over and over
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1919 Is Japan bringing back opium to China? World Outlook Nov
1921 Is prohibition making drug fiends? Literary Digest Apr 16
1923 What have you got in your medicine closet? American Magazine Apr
1923 Why is a dope fiend? Literary Digest Jul 21
1924 Are we our brothers' keepers? Harper's Nov
1935 Is Japan drugging China? Christian Century Aug 14
1951 Teen-age dope addicts: new problem? US News Jun 29
1954 Should narcotics education be extended to the juvenile? Congressional Digest Dec
1955 Should we legalize narcotics? Coronet Jun
1957 Dope addict, criminal or patient? Look Oct 15
1960 What makes teens try dope? Parents Feb
1966 New prohibition? Newsweek Feb 7
1967 How dangerous is marijuana? US News Oct 30
1968 Should we have laws banning the use of LSD? Redbook Jan
1968 Marijuana or alcohol, which harms most? US News Feb 5
1968 Pot: safer than alcohol? Time Apr 19
1968 Marijuana: just how harmless is it? Seventeen May
1968 Volstead exhumed? Nation Sep 20
1969 Do mind bending drugs cause serious birth defects? Science Digest Oct
1970 Do drugs lead to violence? Look Apr 7
1970 How can you tell if your child is taking drugs? Look Apr 7
1970 Marijuana: is it time for a change in our laws? Newsweek Sep 7
1970 Drugs in Decline? Christianity Today Nov 6
1970 Drugs: ten years to doomsday? Saturday Review Nov 14
1971 Are you growing marijuana without knowing it? Home & Garden Feb
1971 What's wrong with drug education? Time Feb 15
1971 Marijuana harmful? the dispute goes on US News May 31
1971 Can we counteract the cult of marijuana? Parents Jul
1971 Heroin plague: what can be done? Newsweek Jul 5
1972 What causes more harm, drugs or the laws against them? McCall's Mar
1972 Pot smoking: less harm than feared? Science Digest Jun
1972 Victory soon in fight against drug traffic? US News Sep 25
1973 Tired? Nervous? Here's a pill McCall's Apr
1973 Will your child be hooked on drugs? Better Homes and Gardens Jun
1973 Should we turn our son in? Good Housekeeping Sep
1974 Marijuana, does it damage the brain? Science Aug 30
1974 Slavish reliance on drugs: are we pushers for our own children? Psychology Today Dec
1974 Pot can harm, but does prison help? US News Dec 2
1977 Cocaine, alcohol & amphetamines: thrillers or killers? Harper's Bazaar Jun
1978 Is U.S. becoming a drug-ridden society? US News Aug 7
1978 Are drugs crippling our armed forces? US News Aug 14
1979 Sleeping pill: do the risks outweigh whatever benefits? Science Digest Mar
1979 Can tranquilizers render a whole nation docile? Science Digest Apr
1979 Ban on drug paraphernalia? Newsweek Nov 26
1980 Stress-fighting drugs: do they affect job competence? Working Woman Apr
1980 Tranquilizers: opening the door to a problem? Current Health May
1981 Are kids turning away from drugs? Newsweek Mar 2
1982 Valium and driving: another deadly duo? Science News Jul 3
1982 Is it time to worry about marijuana? Mademoiselle Nov
1983 Pot-talk: is decriminalization advisable? National Review Apr 29
1983 Is show biz pushing drugs? The big debate US News May 16
1983 Addiction: is it a disease? Science Digest Aug
1985 Drugs: are you dealing with disaster? Teen Jan
1985 Are you sure your child isn't on drugs? Good Housekeeping May
1985 Does drug use mean addiction? Harper's Bazaar Jul
1985 The great pot raid -- how much good? US News Aug 19
1985 What is our drug problem? Harpers Dec
1985 Using drugs? You may not get hired US News Dec 23
1986 They want your body: can your boss test you for drug use? Vogue Apr
1986 The latest antidrug war: better luck this time? US News Aug 25
1986 War on drugs: more than a 'short-term high'? US News Sep 29
1986 Cocaine: an American epidemic? Current Health Nov
1986 Have you talked to your kids about crack? Redbook Nov
1986 In-school drug tests: right or wrong? Seventeen Dec
1987 High on the job: a growing problem? Psychology Today May
1987 What is the Kremlin's role? US News May 4
1987 How should we attack the drug problem? Courier Jul
1987 Should drug use be legalized? Business Week Aug 17
1988 Marijuana: is there new reason to worry? American Health Mar
1988 Losing the war? Newsweek Mar 14
1988 The drug wars: a multi-national force? Newsweek Apr 18
1988 What price drug free? Health May
1988 A war on drugs with real troops? Science Jul 1
1988 Antidrug or antipeople? Time Sep 19
1988 Will drug dealers fear the noose? US News Oct 31
1989 Do humans need to get high? Time Aug 21
1989 Will fear make Americans kick the drug habit? Business Week Sep 11
1989 The war? program? experiment? on drugs Science Sep 22
1989 War on what? National Review Sep 29
1989 Constitutional rights: a casualty of the drug war? Scholastic Update (teacher's edition) Nov 17
1990 Is your child hooked on drugs or alcohol? Better Homes and Gardens Feb
1990 Uncivil liberties? [drug war tactics] Newsweek Apr 23
1990 Have the good guys gone bad? Newsweek May 14
1990 The next nasty war? Newsweek May 21
1990 Does he or doesn't he? New drug tests target hair US News May 28
1990 Should drug abusers be treated or convicted? Jet May 28
1990 Can we stop drug abuse in the workplace? USA Today (Periodical) Jul
1990 Should cocaine moms be prosecuted for addicting their babies? Jet Jul 16
1990 Pregnant, addicted -- and guilty? NY Times Magazine Aug 19
1990 Does the administration really want to win the war on drugs? Utne Reader Sep/Oct
1991 Anti-drug programs in the workplace: are they here to stay? Monthly Labor Review Apr
1991 Drugs -- to make war or peace? America Apr 27
1991 Should we take away their kids? [crack addicted mothers] Time May 13
1991 Wine and downers: are you at risk? Harper's Bazaar Aug
1991 What should we do about drugs? Vital Speeches Aug 1
1992 What ever happened to the 'war on drugs'? NY Rev of Books Jun 11
1992 Can't lick 'em? Then smoke 'em [toads] Newsweek Jun 15
1992 How's that drug war going guys? Sassy Sep
1992 Police profiteering: are cops addicted to drug money? Utne Reader Sep/Oct
1992 What would it take to get America off drugs? Time Nov 9
1993 Should the U.S. fight a drug war in the Andes? Scholastic Update (Teachers' Edition) Feb 12
1993 Can Janet Reno bust the war on drugs? Rolling Stone Jun 10
1993 The mystery of Ibogaine: can an African psychedelic cure addiction? Omni Jul
1993 Coffee, tea, or opium? Natural History Nov
1995 Drugs in the '90s: is your child safe? McCall's Apr
1996 Is your child "huffing"? Reader's Digest May
1997 Marijuana: useful medicine or dangerous drug? Consumers' Research May
1997 Marijuana: harder than thought? Science Jun 27
1997 Is your kid on K? [ketamine] Time Oct 20
2000 The war on coca: how far will the U.S. go? Business Week Nov 20
2001 Would you break the law to save your kids? Redbook Aug
2001 On drugs: gateways to gnossis, or bags of glue? Harper's Oct

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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