Aw Crap, We're Losing!

Some things are just too stupid to undertake -- trying to stop people from using drugs is probably one of them. We learned from alcohol prohibition that this sort of thing just doesn't work -- at least we should have learned.

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Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1922 Increasing drug menace and its serpentine trail Current Opinion May
1925 Losing fight against the deadly poppy Literary Digest Jan 3
1936 Rising tide of narcotics over world Literary Digest May 16
1946 Thirty million new addicts Time Jan 19
1951 New York wakes up to find 15,000 teen-age dope addicts Newsweek Jan 29
1957 Dope: congress encourages the traffic Nation Mar 16
1966 Growing peril; teenage use of drugs for kicks Good Housekeeping May
1967 Marijuana: millions of turned on users Life Jul 7
1967 Drugs: mounting menace of abuse Look Aug 8
1968 Alarming rise in dope traffic US News Sep 2
1969 Growing menace of drugs US News Jul 28
1969 Operation impossible; drive against drugs from Mexico Time Oct 17
1970 Kids and heroin: the adolescent epidemic Time Mar 16
1970 Drugs: ten years to doomsday? Saturday Review Nov 14
1970 Booming traffic in drugs: the government's dilemma US News Dec 7
1972 Last week was a bad week for the narcs; eventual decriminalization of marijuana Science News Feb 19
1973 Grass grows more acceptable Time Sep 10
1975 Survey reports marijuana use has increased Psychology Today Apr
1976 Losing battle against heroin New Republic Feb 7
1977 Mexican heroin flow continues unabated Science Apr 29
1978 Is U.S. becoming a drug-ridden society? US News Aug 7
1979 Growing acceptance of marijuana USA Today (Periodical) Feb
1979 Rise in cocaine use USA Today (Periodical) Feb
1980 Kids are smoking pot more and enjoying it more, HEW reports Phi Delta Kappan Jun
1980 New flood of heroin, and why it isn't stopped US News Dec 8
1981 Marijuana: a U.S. farm crop that's booming US News Oct 12
1984 Why the U.S. is losing the war against drugs US News Feb 6
1984 More bad news in the war against drugs US News Jul 16
1984 Cocaine use is epidemic in nation, report says Jet Nov 12
1985 Flood of drugs -- a losing battle US News Mar 25
1985 Drugs drugs everywhere -- and no solution in sight National Review Aug 9
1985 Teen drug abuse -- the news is bad US News Nov 18
1986 Cocaine use up sharply in '84 government study says Jet Jan 13
1986 The latest antidrug war: better luck this time? US News Aug 25
1986 Cocaine: an American epidemic? Current Health Nov
1986 The U.S. campaign against international narcotics trafficking: a cure worse than the disease USA Today (Periodical) Nov
1987 The drug war bogs down Time Nov 23
1988 Where the war is being lost Time Mar 14
1988 Losing the war? Newsweek Mar 14
1988 An explosion of drug labs Newsweek Apr 25
1988 The lost 'drug war' National Review May 27
1988 A bumper crop of hothouse marijuana Newsweek Aug 15
1988 Losing the drugwar: drugs, banks, and Florida politics American Spectator Sep
1989 A lost cause is a lost cause National Review Sep 29
1989 Why we're losing the war on drugs Reader's Digest Oct
1990 A failed 'test case': Washington's drug war Newsweek Jan 29
1990 In the cocaine war ... the jungle is winning NY Times Magazine Mar 4
1990 The streets are filled with coke US News Mar 5
1990 The war that will not end [cocaine cartels vs gov't] Time Jul 23
1990 D.C.'s War on drugs: why Bennett is losing New York Times Magazine Sep 23
1990 A losing battle Time Dec 3
1991 The flow goes on [cocaine trade] Time Aug 26
1991 An unproductive war against drugs Forbes Nov 11
1992 Cracks in the drug war: why the U.S.-Andean alliance to stop the cocaine flow is in trouble US News Mar 2
1992 Losing battles in the war on drugs World Press Review Jun
1992 Rangel cites statistics revealing U.S. is losing in its war on drugs Jet Sep 21
1993 Worldwide drug scourge: the expanding trade in illicit drugs Brookings Review Winter
1993 Clinton's drug policy is a bust Time Dec 20
1995 Use of illegal drugs up among youth across U.S.: University of Michigan poll Jet Jan 9
1996 The war on drugs is lost National Review Feb 12
1996 Why this country is losing the drug war US News Sep 16
1996 Give pot a chance: voters in California and Arizona strike a blow against the war on drugs Rolling Stone Dec 26
1997 War ends, drugs win Nation Jan 6
1997 The drug war's phony fix: why certification doesn't work Nation Apr 28
1998 The lost war on drugs World Press Review Feb
1998 A flow of powerful pot Maclean's Aug 3
2001 Lifting the lid on a failed drug war World Press Review Mar
2001 The war against the war on drugs Time May 7
2001 It's time to give up the war on drugs Business Week Sep 17

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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