Drug Education

Drug "education" got an early start and has for the most part proven itself virtually useless over the years. The main reason it doesn't work very well is that most of the drugs actually are fun to use, and nowhere near as dangerous as they are made out to be. There is one thing that drug education really has been effective at however: making young people distrust their elders. If we lie to them about marijuana, why in the world will they believe what we tell them about heroin? They don't.

Maybe we should try telling the kids the truth
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
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1946 Saying don't is not enough Chr Sci Monitor Magazine Nov 9
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1971 What's wrong with drug education? Time Feb 15
1972 Ups and downs of drug-abuse education Saturday Review Nov 11
1974 Shameful truth ... and consequences ... of school drug programs Parents Sep
1984 Anti-drug abuse program started for kids under 9 Jet Aug 20
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1986 Have you talked to your kids about crack? Redbook Nov
1987 Drug programs show mixed results USA Today (Periodical) Aug
1987 "We're teaching our kids to use drugs" Reader's Digest Nov
1990 A dirty drug secret: hyping instant addiction doesn't help Newsweek Feb 19
1990 An antidrug message gets its facts wrong Scientific American May
1991 "Just say no" is not enough Education Digest Jan
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1993 Just say maybe Newsweek Nov 1
1995 Teaching your child about drugs & alcohol Parents Oct
1997 The failure of drug education Public Interest Fall

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