'Crack Babies' Through the Years

It isn't really "new" and isn't as bad or wide spread as assumed
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1919 Born a dope fiend Literary Digest Jul 19
1958 Born addicts; babies of addicted women Time May 19
1959 Infant acquires addiction Science News Letter Aug 22
1962 Sins of the mothers; withdrawal babies Newsweek May 7
1972 Heroin babies; going cold turkey at birth NY Times Magazine Jan 9
1973 Youngest addicts; infant children Time Jan 22
1986 Cocaine babies: hooked at birth Newsweek Jul 28
1988 Crack comes to the nursery Time Sep 19
1989 Cocaine mothers imperil babies brain Science News Apr 1
1989 Crack in the cradle Discover Sep
1989 Cocaine babies: the littlelest victims Newsweek Oct 2
1990 "Crack babies" in school Education Digest May
1990 Should cocaine moms be prosecuted for addicting their babies? Jet Jul 16
1990 Pregnant, addicted -- and guilty? NY Times Magazine Aug 19
1990 Childhood's end [babies born to crack adicted mothers] Rolling Stone Oct 18
1990 Pregnancy police Progressive Dec
1991 Kids who can't say no [babies born to crack addicted mothers] Reader's Digest Feb
1991 Innocent victims [crack kids] Time May 13
1991 Should we take away their kids? [crack addicted mothers] Time May 13
1992 Newborns and addiction [cocaine babies] Newsweek Apr 20
1992 The cocaine-exposed children are here Phi Delta Kappan May
1997 Hope for 'Snow Babies' Newsweek Sep 29

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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