Cocaine in the Headlines

Cocaine: It was a menace long before marijuana came along. Apparently, the stories don't scare people all that much. But if you keep doing the same things over and over and it just doesn't work, shouldn't you try something different?

Coke -- the real thing
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1907 Snuffing out the cocaine fiend Char. Apr 13
1907 New weapon against cocaine Char. Nov 16
1909 Attempt to restrict the cocaine habit Outlook Jun
1913 Cocaine evil Outlook Feb 8
1913 Criminal traffic in cocaine Survey May 31
1914 Cocaine crime Good Housekeeping Mar
1925 Cocaine Addicts Literary Digest May 30
1929 Nightmare of cocaine North American Apr
1947 Coca: divine drug of Incaland Natural History May
1973 Tyrannical King Coke Time Apr 16
1974 Cocaine: the champagne of drugs NY Times Magazine Sep 1
1975 Cocaine takes over Reader's Digest May
1978 Old high -- new low cocaine Current Health Mar
1978 Beyond paraquat: cocaine eradication New Times May 29
1978 Heroin versus cocaine: the drug of choice New York Sep 25
1979 Rise in cocaine use USA Today (Periodical) Feb
1979 Richard Pryor's tragic accident spotlights a dangerous drug craze: freebasing People Jun 30
1979 Smoking cocaine: a dangerous switch Science News Dec 1
1982 Cocaine spreads its deadly net US News Mar 22
1982 The cocaine high: dangerous new drug of the '80s Glamour Aug
1983 Doing cocaine: a victim's road to ruin US News May 16
1983 Cocaine: mainstream, middle-class -- and moving in fast Mademoiselle Jun
1983 Cocaine crisis in the NFL Newsweek Jul 25
1983 Cocaine: the lowdown on a risky high Redbook Oct
1984 Cocaine: America's 100 years of euphoria and despair Life May
1984 War on the cocaine mafia Time May 28
1984 Cocaine smoking may cause lung damage Science News Jul 21
1984 Cocaine use is epidemic in nation, report says Jet Nov 12
1984 Cocaine: America's $50 billion snort US News Dec 10
1985 Teen drug use -- except cocaine -- falls Science News Jan 19
1985 Companies are starting to sniff out cocaine users Business Week Feb 18
1985 Fighting the cocaine wars Time Feb 25
1986 Cocaine use up sharply in '84 government study says Jet Jan 13
1986 Corporate America's hidden cocaine crisis Working Woman Mar
1986 'Cocaine is a loaded gun' Newsweek Jul 7
1986 Cocaine babies: hooked at birth Newsweek Jul 28
1986 Crack: dangerous new drug Good Housekeeping Aug
1986 Cocaine: an American epidemic? Current Health Nov
1986 Have you talked to your kids about crack? Redbook Nov
1986 Crack: an even deadlier menace McCall's Nov
1986 A Yale drug historian sniffs something familiar in today's cocaine craze People Nov 24
1987 We can conquer cocaine Reader's Digest Feb
1987 How to lose the coke war Atlantic May
1988 Crack invades the hamptons Newsweek Jun 20
1988 Crack: downfall of a neighborhood Life Jul
1988 Crack comes to the nursery Time Sep 19
1988 Getting tough on cocaine Newsweek Nov 28
1989 Crack invades the countryside Reader's Digest Feb
1989 Cocaine mothers imperil babies brain Science News Apr 1
1989 Crack in the cradle Discover Sep
1989 Crack's destructive sprint across America NY Times Magazine Oct 1
1989 Cocaine babies: the littlelest victims Newsweek Oct 2
1989 Past and present cocaine epidemics Science Dec 15
1990 Sizing up the hazards of cocaine use Science News Jan 6
1990 The godfathers of cocaine cry uncle US News Jan 29
1990 The competition to be Cracktown, U.S.A. [federal aid to target cities] US News Feb 5
1990 The crack children Newsweek Feb 12
1990 When economies get hooked on coke US News Feb 26
1990 In the cocaine war ... the jungle is winning NY Times Magazine Mar 4
1990 The streets are filled with coke US News Mar 5
1990 Crack and the box [television as cause of drug addiction] Esquire May
1990 "Crack babies" in school Education Digest May
1990 Should cocaine moms be prosecuted for addicting their babies? Jet Jul 16
1990 By keeping the chemicals flowing, American industry kept the cocaine cartels in business Rolling Stone Nov 1
1990 Down to cocaine hell Reader's Digest Dec
1991 The men who created crack US News Aug 19
1991 The flow goes on [cocaine trade] Time Aug 26
1992 Artificial cocaine helps kick habit USA Today (Periodical) Feb
1992 Cracks in the drug war: why the U.S.-Andean alliance to stop the cocaine flow is in trouble US News Mar 2
1993 Crack -- a lethal drug Current Health 2 Apr
1995 Oprah reveals on her show that she smoked crack cocaine during her 20s Jet Jan 30
1995 Cocaine crackdown Maclean's Jul 10
1996 "My mom was a coke fiend" Sassy Jan 1996
1997 Cocaine: a killer Current Health 2 Mar
1997 High society [cocaine making a comeback in NYC] New York Sep 1
1999 Snow job: the demonization of cocaine National Review Sep 27
2001 Coke, crack, pot, speed, et al Scientific American Jan

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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