Drugs and Young People

Although heroin and cocaine had been wreaking havoc among the population already, marijuana was christened as the official 'threat to youth' in 1936. Since then, it seems like nearly everything in life has been declared a threat to youth -- but, surprisingly enough, drugs don't really cause as much trouble for young people as we are led to believe.

All of us were part of 'the children' once -- and 100 million of us have tried marijuana
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1924 Saving youth from heroin and crime Literary Digest May 24
1936 Marihuana menaces youth Scientific American Mar
1938 Marijuana, assassin of youth Reader's Digest Feb
1938 Youth gone loco; villain is marijuana Christian Century Jun 29
1950 Narcotics and youth Newsweek Nov 20
1951 New York wakes up to find 15,000 teen-age dope addicts Newsweek Jan 29
1951 High and light; narcotic addiction among teen-agers Time Feb 26
1951 Children in peril Life Jun 11
1951 Teen-age dope addicts: new problem? US News Jun 29
1951 Narcotic addiction among teen-agers Survey Jul
1951 Child dope addicts Science News Letter Jul 14
1951 Save them in advance; teen-age drug addiction Colliers Aug 5
1951 Heroin and adolescents Newsweek Aug 13
1951 Our youth and narcotics Today's Health Oct
1951 Facts about our teen-age drug addicts Reader's Digest Oct
1953 Your child may be hooked Look Jun 30
1953 Drug addiction among adolescents Saturday Review Sep 19
1954 Juvenile delinquency; narcotic factor Congressional Digest Dec
1957 Sniffing the deadly; liquid glue Newsweek Dec 16
1958 Our teen-age drug addicts Ladies Home Journal Mar
1960 What makes teens try dope? Parents Feb
1962 New kick; glue sniffing Time Feb 16
1962 New addicts; teen-agers hooked on goofballs, glue and cough medicine Newsweek Aug 13
1963 Glue-sniffing; an adolescent craze Consumer Reports Jan
1965 Pot-picking time; boys arrested for growing marijuana in Carpinteria, California Newsweek May 17
1965 Drug puzzle: student use of drugs Mile Aug
1966 Growing peril; teenage use of drugs for kicks Good Housekeeping May
1966 LSD helps severely disturbed children Science News May 14
1967 Child on drugs NY Times Magazine Aug 20
1967 LSD: growing menace to teenagers Parents Nov
1967 Getting tough with pot; marijuana smokers discovered at New Jersey's Hun preparatory school Time Dec 8
1968 Pot and parents; high school kids smoking marijuana Time Aug 30
1969 Your adolescent's health; drug abuse among teenagers PTA Magazine Feb
1969 Town in trouble; plague of drugs among kids in California Life Mar 21
1969 Drug generation; growing younger Newsweek Apr 21
1969 Kid-killers: a night with the drugged children of America National Review May 6
1970 Kids and heroin: the adolescent epidemic Time Mar 16
1970 How can you tell if your child is taking drugs? Look Apr 7
1971 Pot: your kids will encounter it so be prepared Business Week Dec 4
1972 Legal drug abuse hurts young Science Digest Nov
1973 Schools should screen students for heroin use Today's Education Mar
1973 Will your child be hooked on drugs? Better Homes & Gardens Jun
1973 Should we turn our son in? Good Housekeeping Sep
1973 Adolescent marijuana use: role of parents and peers Science Sep 14
1974 Miracle that misfired: mood-altering drugs prescribed for overactive children Good Housekeeping Jan
1974 Why young people are giving up drugs McCall's Sep
1974 Drugging the American child: we're too cavalier about hyperactivity Psychology Today Dec
1974 Slavish reliance on drugs: are we pushers for our own children? Psychology Today Dec
1975 Drug users vs. drug abusers: how students control their drug crisis Psychology Today Oct
1975 Alcohol and marijuana: spreading menace among teen-agers US News Nov 24
1979 Detecting drugs in school: the legality of scent dogs and strip searches Phi Delta Kappan Dec
1981 Are kids turning away from drugs? Newsweek Mar 2
1982 Youth moderating usage USA Today Jun
1984 Teen drug use drops, but problem remains Science News Feb 18
1984 Eighth grade students are using drugs, study says Jet Oct 15
1985 Teen drug use -- except cocaine -- falls Science News Jan 19
1985 Are you sure your child isn't on drugs? Good Housekeeping May
1985 Inhalant abuse: an emerging problem among Mexican American adolescents Child Today Jul/Aug
1986 Have you talked to your kids about crack? Redbook Nov
1985 Teen drug use: ups and downs Science News Nov 16
1985 Teen drug abuse -- the news is bad US News Nov 18
1986 In-school drug tests: right or wrong? Seventeen Dec
1987 This is what you thought: 56% say kids should report drug-using parents Glamour Mar
1987 "We're teaching our kids to use drugs" Reader's Digest Nov
1988 A scary mix of kids and steroids US News Dec 26
1989 An outbreak of teen alcoholism People Jan 16
1989 Drinking, drugs and children Parents Mar
1990 Is your child hooked on drugs or alcohol? Better Homes and Gardens Feb
1990 Teenager's drug use drops Science News Feb 24
1990 Declaring war on drugs: teens fight back 'Teen Oct
1991 Bitter pills: teens and appetite suppressants American Health Jul/Aug
1992 Major drop in high school drug use, study reveals Jet Feb 24
1992 The new teenage drug danger [human growth hormore] McCall's Sep
1993 Stripping students of their rights [school drug searches] Phi Delta Kappan Feb
1994 The rising use of drugs by teens: what parents can do Good Housekeeping Apr
1994 Biceps in a bottle: teenagers turn to steroids to build muscle Maclean's May 2
1995 Use of illegal drugs up among youth across U.S.: University of Michigan poll Jet Jan 9
1995 Drugs in the '90s: is your child safe? McCall's Apr
1995 Teaching your child about drugs & alcohol Parents Oct
1995 A risky Rx for fun [taking Ritalin recreationally] Newsweek Oct 30
1996 Is your child "huffing"? Reader's Digest May
1996 Why more young people are using drugs Jet Sep 9
1996 Kids & pot Time Dec 9
1996 They're toking up for algebra class US News Dec 30
1997 "I had no idea my child was on drugs" Ladies Home Journal Mar
1997 How to raise drug-free kids Reader's Digest Apr
1997 I was addicted to pot 'Teen May
1997 Teens on heroin 'Teen Oct
1997 Is your kid on K? [ketamine] Time Oct 20
1998 Generation wired: caffeine is the new drug of choice for kids Nation Apr 27
1999 What really keeps kids off drugs McCall's Apr
2001 Teen Ecstasy use up, cocaine and LSD use down USA Today (Periodical) Apr
2001 Would you break the law to save your kids? Redbook Aug
2001 Teen drug use higher in U.S. than Europe Society Sep/Oct
2001 Generation Rx Parents Nov

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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