Addicts & Addiction

Treating some addictions as crimes doesn't really seem to be helping things much. Despite all the decades of warnings and harsh punishments, some people still use potentially addictive drugs, and some of them do indeed become addicted to them. The vast majority of drug users however, do not become drug addicts.

Should we revile them, pity them, jail them, or cure them?
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1925 Menace of the drug addict NY Times Feb
1925 Control of drug addiction mainly a police problem American City Nov
1930 Fluid from blisters to cure drug habit Literary Digest Feb 1
1930 Economic losses through drug addiction Overland Sep
1931 Rabies treatment for drug addicts Scientific American Jan
1931 Seek drug to save dope fiends Popular Science May
1932 Treatment for drug addiction Science May 13
1933 Drug addicts will receive federal help Newsweek Aug 5
1936 Morphinism cure Time Jan 13
1938 Brain wave studies helping against drug addiction Science Nov 26
1939 Drug addiction as a public health problem Scientific Monthly May
1940 Problem of drug addiction Science Digest Oct
1940 New hope for conquest of drug addiction Science News Letter Dec 21
1942 Shortage of narcotics decreases addiction Science News Letter Aug 8
1942 Decreased drug addiction may have complex cause Science News Letter Aug 15
1945 One up on narcotics; addiction can be cured Colliers Dec 15
1946 Thirty million new addicts Time Jan 19
1948 Dopers' decline Newsweek Dec 20
1951 High and light; narcotic addiction among teen-agers Time Feb 26
1951 Narcotic addiction among teen-agers Survey Jul
1951 Child dope addicts Science News Letter Jul 14
1951 Save them in advance; teen-age drug addiction Colliers Aug 5
1951 Facts about our teen-age drug addicts Reader's Digest Oct
1952 Prevention and control of addiction to narcotics Am Jour of Public Health Oct
1953 Drug addiction among adolescents Saturday Review Sep 19
1955 Help for the living dead Sat Eve Post Oct 22
1957 Legalized addiction Newsweek Jan 7
1957 Dope addict, criminal or patient? Look Oct 15
1957 Addiction exaggerated Science News Letter Dec 14
1958 Our teen-age drug addicts Ladies Home Journal Mar
1959 Infant acquires addiction Science News Letter Aug 22, 1959
1961 Object: kill the habit Newsweek Jan 23
1962 New addicts; teen-agers hooked on goofballs, glue and cough medicine Newsweek Aug 13
1962 Purely medical approach to addiction proposed Science News Letter Oct 27
1963 Drug addicts need medicine not punishment Science News Letter Jul 6
1964 Speaking out; give drugs to addicts Sat Eve Post Aug 8
1966 Treating addicts humanely Christian Century Feb 2
1966 Ours is an addicted society NY Times Magazine Dec 11
1967 Addicted! addiction to diet pills Good Housekeeping May
1971 Housewives and the drug habit Ladies Home Journal Dec
1972 Quarantining addicts Time May 22
1972 Drug abuse: nemesis of psychiatry American Scholar Summer
1973 Will your child be hooked on drugs? Better Homes & Gardens Jun
1974 Drug-addicted society Nation Jun 8
1974 Old addicts never die Science Digest Jul
1974 Slavish reliance on drugs: are we pushers for our own children? Psychology Today Dec
1976 Employed addict does better job than you think Psychology Today Aug
1978 Morality versus junk; compulsory treatment for heroin addicts Maclean's Jun 12
1978 Is U.S. becoming a drug-ridden society? US News Aug 7
1979 Addicts are responsible for much of all criminal activity Ebony Aug
1981 Help for marijuana addicts Newsweek May 11
1982 Drug-abuse: self-made misery Current Health Apr
1982 You may be guilty of drug abuse 50 Plus Dec
1983 How drugs sap the nations strength US News May 16
1983 Addiction: is it a disease? Science Digest Aug
1984 Medicinal drugs that can make you an addict Prevention Feb
1985 Feeding America's habit Newsweek Feb 25
1985 Are you sure your child isn't on drugs? Good Housekeeping May
1985 The executive addict Fortune Jun 24
1985 Does drug use mean addiction? Harper's Bazaar Jul
1985 What is our drug problem? Harpers Dec
1987 "We're teaching our kids to use drugs" Reader's Digest Nov
1989 Plain talk about drugs: users are bums Reader's Digest Jun
1989 Do humans need to get high? Time Aug 21
1989 Will fear make Americans kick the drug habit? Business Week Sep 11
1990 Dr. James Halikas finds that a pill made for seizures may help cocaine addicts to just say no [carbamazapine] People Jan 20
1990 A dirty drug secret: hyping instant addiction doesn't help Newsweek Feb 19
1990 I gave birth to an addicted baby Good Housekeeping Apr
1990 Should drug abusers be treated or convicted? Jet May 28
1990 The cure: researchers say a nonaddictive painkiller stops cravings for cocaine and heroin [buprenorphine] Omni Dec
1991 Narcs on dope [undercover agents who abuse drugs] Mother Jones Nov/Dec
1992 Artificial cocaine helps kick habit USA Today (Periodical) Feb
1992 Pastor, father, addict Reader's Digest Jun
1993 TV ads may lead to excessive drug use USA Today (Periodical) Apr
1993 What to do with our addiction problem Omni Sep
1995 Treat junkies, save money Business Week Aug 14
2001 The war on addiction Newsweek Feb 12
2001 Young, successful and addicted to drugs: the new prescription-pill poppers Glamour Jun

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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