Demographics for Cause of Death F12 - 2003

2003 Mortality Records For Underlying Cause of Death F12
GenderRaceAge GroupStateCircumstanceUnderlying CauseEntity AxisRecord Axis
Male White 30 - 34 Illinois Accident F12.2 T40.6 X42 T40.2 F12.2 F13.9 F12.2 F13.9 T40.2 T40.6 X42
Female White 40 - 44 Texas Accident F12.2 T50.9 X44 T40.2 T43.2 T50.9 F10.9 F12.2 E46 T50.9 F17.9 E46 F10.9 F12.2 F17.9 T40.2 T43.2 T50.9 X44
Grand Total: 2

Source: National Center for Health Statistics,
Multiple Cause of Death Public Use Files, 2003

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